Customer Service Training

Getting started on the right foot

An introduction to Customer service for those employees new to their role

Customer service is a very broad term, encompassing many tangible and intangible concepts that are vital to the success of any business. For anyone that is new to the customer service field, these concepts are not intuitive, they must be learned. In order for any new employee to understand what is expected of them by not only the customer, but also by the company, they have to be positioned for success through effective training.

Identifying internal customers

Ideal for employees who have at least one year of customer service experience

Do you know who your internal customers are? Learning how to identify internal customers and extending service excellence to them, is key to building a positive atmosphere, developing effective teamwork and creating synergy across different departments, or divisions, within an organization.

Service excellence

Designed for seasoned employees who have already established themselves as a service professional and are seeking a new challenge

As anyone who has been employed in the field of customer service for several years can attest; it is one of the most challenging roles that a person may ever have. The art of anticipating and responding to customer requests and diffusing concerns, can be very difficult; but if executed correctly, can also be incredibly rewarding.

Teaching team members how to spot potential pain points for customers and empowering them to pro-actively reduce, or eliminate these pain points before they become an issue, will revolutionize your service delivery.