Leadership Skills Training

Basic training

Leadership skills for entry level Supervisors

A must have for anyone who is new to a leadership role. Often, when an employee is promoted from within, they do not receive adequate formal training, making the transition to leadership, a difficult one. This workshop is aimed at educating and setting expectations, regarding the skill sets they will need to acquire and develop, in order to be effective in their new role.

Effective coaching

Making good coaches, great coaches

A great coach has the ability to motivate team members and provide constructive feedback that builds up instead of tearing down. They can leverage an employee’s strengths and know how to identify coaching opportunities in order to maximize employee engagement and performance.

Managing day to day operations

A requirement for leaders wishing to improve their efficiency, streamline operations and prioritize effectively.

Participants will learn how to keep track of a lot of moving parts. Success will be achieved through the ability to correctly identify and prioritize those activities that are of high-value and significantly impact daily operations and those activities that appear to be urgent, or important, but are actually low-value activities in disguise.

Mentoring and people development

Essential to the overall planning and strategy for any business and one of the cornerstones of employee retention. This training is designed to engage employees, involve them in processes, encourage personal accountability for their own growth, leverage their unique strengths and strategically build the foundation for effective succession planning.